Thursday, March 04, 2004

Minimize the luggage, maximize the travel experience

The traveler's dilemma: How to look and feel great with minimal luggage. Travel stress is directly related to the size and weight of your baggage. Many times you will be the one that has to physically lift or carry your luggage.

Pack light. Never pack an item of clothing that cannot be worn multiple times. If you don't feel fabulous in it, don't take it. Only quality, comfortable, hardworking items earn the right to space in your bag.

Lots of personal care items can be purchased at your destination. Try some new lotions, potions and hair's fun to shop in a whole new shopping environment. Don't panic if you can't find your favorite products on the other side of the world. Travel is about new experiences, getting out of your comfort zone, opening your mind, broadening your views and horizons, and embracing a new image of yourself as an intrepid light traveler.

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