Saturday, September 11, 2004

Melbourne, an urban getaway

Melbourne, Australia - is a fabulous city to visit. Food, fashion and fun for all ages. Melbourne and Sydney rival for the international tourist dollar; "We have stopped the Sydney stopover" is in bold print on many of the trams. Melbourne is colder than Sydney and Brisbane in the winter months (June-July-August) and people dress more formally with overcoats, hats and scarves. This year the new fashion colour was pink...all shades and tones of pink. Pink scarves, hats and jumpers (sweaters) brightened the urban landscape. Still the predominant colour was black. Afterall black goes with everything in a winter wardrobe. In order to blend in with the stylish Melbourne winter scene I designed and crocheted a black bucket hat with a small brim in lightweight cotton yarn. It is probably the best crochet hat I have made so far....and I've made a few on my travels around the world. Its shape, weight, solid colour and soft comfortable texture make it a perfect hat for the urban traveler.

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