Friday, August 19, 2005

Winter in Brisbane

Story Bridge on the Brisbane River - I have just spent three months in Brisbane....the winter months, though you would never guess it by the flora and the daily temperatures. Some days were 25 degrees celsius or 77 degrees farenheit. I liked to watch the sunset from the front deck of the City Cat. I took this picture of the Story Bridge on one of my return journey's. You can see the Holman Street ferry stop...the stop you need for the Brisbane Jazz Club.

People like to climb the Story Bridge these's become a tourist activity just like climbing Sydney Harbour bridge. I'm happy to admire it from the river or the floating riverwalk that takes you into the CBD.

There's great pubs and cafes to be enjoyed along the City Cat route. There's the Story Bridge Hotel nestled under the bridge not far from the Holman Street stop, the Watt Bar adjacent to the Powerhouse Performing Arts Complex and the Merthyr Street bowls club near the New Farm stop. The Merthyr Street bowls club offers combined barefoot bowling and barbecue specials. The Mowbray Park stop offers the Shafston Hotel and Spoon Cafe. Riverside (the stop I was at when I took this photo) has a multitude of wonderful places to eat and to's right on the edge of the CBD.

Looking forward to returning to Brisbane.

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