Monday, October 31, 2005

Furoshiki gift wrapping

Eriko, my Japanese friend, thought bandanas would make bright Furoshiki wrapping cloths. Traditionally, when the wrapped gift is opened the giver keeps the wrapping cloth for its next use. This special square cloth has multiple uses. It may be used as a bag, scarf, sunshade or lampshade. When Eriko lived in Japan she wrapped her lunch box in a small Furoshiki style cloth. Her boss used one to carry his documents and other personal belongings. Today, living in Australia, Eriko uses a Furoshiki cloth to adorn her pot plants and to drape over a reading lamp, as well as wrapping her gifts. Inspired by Eriko's photos I used one of my psychedelic tie dye bandanas to wrap my own lunch box. Consider wrapping your gifts in bandanas this coming holiday season. If you want further inspiration Eriko gave me a couple of good links:ideas around the home and gift wrapping

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