Tuesday, April 15, 2008

New York City, Times Square

After three days visiting family in Vermont we took the ten-hour train trip to Penn Station, New York City. It was a scenic trip for the first few hours. Lots of home sites in the remote parts of the country were still surrounded by snow.

We hit the shops the following day. The Virgin music store in Time's Square was the first stop.

We spent three nights at the Gershwin Hotel....a very funky establishment on east 27th street near 5th Avenue. The decor was exceptional. Each floor featured a modern artist. On the 10th floor we were treated to the photography of Billy Name, the familiar shots he did for Andy Warhol.

The only negative comment I would make about the Gershwin is the poor drainage in the shower. By the time I had finished my fairly quick shower I was wading in 3 inches of water.
Gershwin Hotel, NYC

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