Friday, February 20, 2009

Oahu road trip

We hired a car for a couple of days to explore the island of Oahu. We wanted to see Oahu's legendary North Shore via the picturesque coastline of Southeast and Windward Oahu. When we reached the North Shore, the waves were disappointing but the wind was impressive - instead of surfboard riders we found windsurfers and scores of kitesurfers at Mokuleia Beach Park.

Mokuleia Beach, North Shore, OahuMokuleia Beach, North Shore, Oahu - kitesurfing.

Mokuleia Beach, North Shore, OahuMokuleia Beach, North Shore, Oahu - windsurfing.

Mokuleia Beach, North Shore, Oahu - spectating.

Casual accommodation was scarce in the north. Unless you could afford a 5-star golfing resort or were happy to settle for backpacker's lodgings, you had to keep moving. We continued our journey via the inland highway and very quickly found ourselves near Pearl City.

Once we were on Farrington Highway we decided to check out Paradise Cove. We knew it had a popular Lu'au - an Hawaiian-style beach party with traditional singing and dancing. There were hotels and resorts aplenty so we thought we had a chance of staying for the Lu'au, having a couple of cocktails and sleeping nearby.

Alas, it was Presidents' Day weekend so the more affordable rooms were already taken.

Paradise Cove, OahuWe found the beach walkway and snapped a photo of Paradise Cove before heading back to the Circle Hotel at Waikiki.

Early next morning we went back to the west or leeward coast of Oahu to continue our journey. Not far down the track, there were lots of ragged tarps and tents obscuring our view of the coastline. The makeshift shelter of the homeless stood in stark contrast to the beautiful accommodation of golf resorts a few miles away.

There was a surf carnival in progress at Makaha Beach so we kept going - almost to the end of the road. There was no one in sight,
we had the beach all to ourselves

until a local family arrived for a beach picnic.

Having reached the end of the Leeward trail, we returned to Southeast Oahu via the Pali Highway.

We stopped at the "look-out" along the way. The beauty of Oahu stretched out before us.

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