Sunday, March 01, 2009

Bruny Island Eco-adventure cruise to the Southern Ocean

Explore the edge of the Southern Ocean aboard Bruny Island's eco-adventure boat.

The 3-hour cruise along Bruny Island's rugged coast takes you to the natural habitats of seals, dolphins, whales, eagles, albatross and gannets. The majestic, rugged landforms provide a scenic backdrop that amazes and delights the senses.

Late February is still summer on Bruny but you will need your beanie and a warm jacket. Long, red, waterproof coats are available to keep you dry.

Scores of dolphins graced us with their beauty. At one point, 5 burst through a large wave together to the applause of all who witnessed that special moment.

Though I took plenty of photos on our cruise, I was unable to capture the dolphins at play. They were just too quick, and I decided to give my full attention to their extraordinary performance.

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