Saturday, January 15, 2011

Urban Flood, Brisbane 2011

These photos were taken in New Farm, Brisbane, soon after the river peaked this week. New Farm Park, New Farm floating walkway, the City Cat Terminal, Welsby Street, parts of Sydney Street and Brunswick Street and the Merthyr Shopping Village are all damaged by flood waters and/or storm water flows. Merthyr Bowls Club, despite its river frontage, was untouched.

City Cat Terminal, New Farm. Tops of the City Bike hitching posts in the foreground.

Lots of debris, hurtled downstream. A yacht smashed into the City Cat Terminal

New Farm Park, looking toward the Powerhouse

The Bowls Club. Water fully covered the walkway from here to Sydney Street City Cat Terminal

Floating Walkway. Two large sections broke away and floated downstream. Tugs rounded them up to avoid massive damage to bridges and other property.

Floating Walkway near the New Farm cliffs

Howard's Wharves, the site of proposed new development

Looking across to a submerged Holman Street Ferry Stop.

Many people were shocked by the storm water back flows (from river to shop or backyard or road). The car park in the basement of Merthyr Village is at sea level so the storm water pipes filled it quickly. As a result, most of the shops are still without power.

Looking toward the Fish and Chip Shop on the corner of Sydney Street and Brunswick Street. The road entrance (underwater) to New Farm Park is on the right. From here down, Sydney Street was awash.

New Farm Park entrance

Welsby Street, New Farm

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