Saturday, January 06, 2007

Jacaranda tree, Brisbane River

Jacarandas were in full bloom when we returned to Brisbane in late September, 2006. New Farm was awash in the purple-blue flowers of these pretty Brasilian rosewoods. The Jacaranda tree must be hardy because Australia has been gripped by drought for several years now. Water restrictions are in force to help conserve the dwindling water reserves.

Australia is an arid country. Water is a scarce resource. Water trading at market price is in our future. As the drought conditions continue, the limited supply will have to be rationed between urban and agricultural areas.

What will become of the beautiful Jacaranda trees in years to come?


tatisse said...

Where did you find this awesome tree??? That is fabulous!!! I just arrived in Brisbane and so much would like to see it!!!

Julz said...

It's next door to the Merthyr Bowls Club behind the RSL complex in Oxlade Drive, New Farm. And it's blooming right now.

tatisse said...

Oh thank you! I will see it this week! This tree is just amazing!